STO Guides: Top 5 STO guides of 2019

What is Security Token Offering?

How does it work as a currency?

Why are Security Tokens Important?

  1. Improving Traditional Finance: The transactions related to traditional finance are a little expensive due to all the fees associated with the middleman such as bankers. Security tokens eliminate the need of middleman that reduces fees.
  2. Functionality: With smart contracts, issuers can use the security tokens as a payment method on the platform. Also, it can be used to access voting rights, network gateway and loyalty programs.
  3. Speeding up Execution: Financial institutes include a lot of intermediaries that increase the execution time. By eliminating the middleman, securities enable faster execution time for the successful issuance of security tokens. Due to the increased speed, the security tokens look like an attractive investment.
  4. Easier liquidation: Licensed security token trading platform offers easy secondary trading on security tokens. Also, it enables investors to liquidate security tokens easily.
  1. The annual income should be more than $200,000 individually, or with a spouse, it should be $300,000. The income should be maintained from the last two years along with the same expectation for the current year.
  2. Investor’s net assets should be worth $1 million or more (excluded primary residence).
  3. An investor has the institution with more than $5 million in assets like trust or venture fund.

Future of STO

  1. Due to security tokens, Governments and banks are interested in implementing the Blockchain in their in-house operations.
  2. During 2019, Security Token market can exhibit a logarithmic rate of growth. Also, it is believed that billions of dollars can flow from Wall Street and Silicon Valley into security tokens. The shift from ICOs to STOs is possible because, with legal compliance, more investors are interested in joining and planning to invest in security tokens on the basis of business models.

Four Security Token-Friendly Countries In The World

Top 5 STO guides of 2019

1. LeewayHertz

  • What is an STO?
  • Different types of Security Tokens
  • Post and Pre STO
  • List of the countries and their regulations to be followed to launch a security token.
  • Different security issuance platform
  • Howey Test

2. Blockgeeks

  • What are Security Tokens?
  • What are Tokens?
  • What Are ICOs?
  • How Does a Token Gain Value?

3. Coinspeaker

  • Utility Tokens, Security Token. What’s All That About?
  • Is STO the New ICO?
  • Is it Security or the Utility Token- XRP Case
  • Potential and Advantages of STOs

4. STOScope

  • An overview of security tokens
  • What is an STO
  • STO use cases that go beyond the hype
  • What the future holds for STOs

5. Guerrilla Buzz

  • Launching your STO
  • A Brief Recap on STOs
  • The Legal Side of STOs
  • Setting up your STO

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Full-stack software development company for startups and enterprises using blockchain, AI, IoT, AR and cloud computing.

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